Are you feeling STUCK, FRUSTRATED, or BURNED OUT by your fitness goals?

Do you feel like you have adopted an ALL-or-NOTHING mentality?

Are you sick of feeling so much PRESSURE?

Do you feel trapped in a vicious SELF SABOTAGE CYCLE?

Does the thought of starting another EXTREME EXERCISE PROGRAM or RESTRICTIVE DIET stress you out?


No worries at all:)

Time to stop stressing because I've got you covered, my friend.

I know how you got there. I, myself, have been there. That mind space is exhausting. 

I'll tell you what- lets ditch that extreme mentality. Its time to take your program off the pedestal and start enjoying eating well and exercising!

I'll show you how this works!


Let me show you the balanced approach!  Let me show you steady, long term results! Let me show you how to break the vicious self sabotage loop!



Learn to quit viewing your workout as a chore and start treating exercise as a part of your daily self care routine.

Understand how resistance training balances your hormone panel, improving your metabolism and reducing depression and anxiety.




Understand why you feel addicted to foods high in processed sugar and fat, and why they leave you feeling sluggish and hungry. 

Re-discover your ability to gravitate toward foods that fuel your body, leave you satiated, and make you feel good.

Learn how to quit OBSESSING over what you can and can't eat. Gain an understanding of nutrition that allows you the flexibility to eat whatever you want.

Accountability and Support


There can be a big difference between knowing what to do, and doing what you know!

Multiple failed attempts at achieving your goals can leave you with A LOT of questions and A LOT of self doubt!

The key to successfully overcoming self doubt is SUPPORT!

When you work with me, I show you what to do, and then help you hold yourself accountable to doing it!! 

We work together to help you overcome mental roadblocks and  approach your goals with a healthy mindset!



Understand the way your mind works and why so many struggle with self sabotage loops.

Learn visualization and goal setting techniques that help re-wire your negative thought patterns and limiting belief systems.


Let me show you how to free yourself from the  EXTREME APPROACH TRAP! 


“If you always do what you have always done, you will always get what you have always got.”

Photography by:

Becky Green Photography
Katie Puc Photography
Victoria Beth Photography