Are you feeling STUCK, FRUSTRATED, or BURNED OUT by your fitness goals?

Do you feel like you have adopted an ALL-or-NOTHING mentality?

Are you sick of feeling so much PRESSURE?

Do you feel trapped in a vicious SELF SABOTAGE CYCLE?

Does the thought of starting another EXTREME EXERCISE PROGRAM or RESTRICTIVE DIET stress you out?


No worries at all:)

Time to stop stressing because I've got you covered, my friend.

I know how you got there. I, myself, have been there. That mind space is exhausting. 

I'll tell you what- lets ditch that extreme mentality. Its time to take your program off the pedestal and start enjoying eating well and exercising!

I'll show you how this works!


Let me show you the balanced approach!  Let me show you steady, long term results! Let me show you how to break the vicious self sabotage loop!


Metaphysical Meathead Members Only Program is a program I developed after spending 12 years in the fitness industry and realizing that the industry’s energy was a little off balance…

Consider the YIN YANG symbol.

The YIN YANG symbol is and ancient Chinese Taoist symbol that represents the balance of opposing energies that exists in ALL things; the masculine and the feminine, the outward and the inward, the push and the pull, the action and the intuition.

It has been my experience that in the FITNESS INDUSTRY, you experience A LOT of the YANG energy; the masculine energy, the outward energy, the “go out and do”, the external validation, the sexual attraction, the WORK HARD AND GET IT DONE energy, healing from the outside-in..

This energy presents itself in the fitness world through WEIGHT TRAINING, MENU PLANNING, and CARDIO…. This energy is very important!!

On the other hand, it has been my experience that the opposing energy (the YIN energy) shows up very little in the FITNESS industry. YIN energy is also known as the feminine energy, the inward energy, the ‘go with-in’, the internal validation, the self-love, the LISTEN TO YOUR BODY AND FIGURE OUT WHAT WORKS BEST FOR YOU energy, healing from the inside-out energy.

This energy presents itself through YOGA, MEDITATION, AFFIRMATIONS, and INTUITIVE EATING… this energy is also very important!

As I observed this imbalance of energy, I saw that it created scenarios for people where they would TRY and DO a lot of things to achieve their health and fitness goals, but they were becoming further and further disconnected from themselves in the process… “I tried THIS and it didn’t work… so I tried THAT and it didn’t work… so I went back to THIS and it still didn’t work…” I kept experiencing people becoming disconnected from their intuition, disconnected from listening to their appetite, disconnected from listening to their bodies, and- most importantly- disconnected from their emotions and understanding how their emotions/negative self beliefs have been holding them back!

After observing this, I started toying around with the idea that to become balanced in your life you need to balance the energies in your life… and this includes the energies that are required to successfully achieve your HEALTH AND FITNESS GOALS!

THAT’S RIGHT FRIENDS!!! I decided to bring the YIN YANG back to the health and fitness world, baby!!!

Metaphysical Meathead Members Only Program is an ONLINE TRAINING PROGRAM designed to guide you through your health and wellness journey combining the YIN and the YANG of fitness. It is a program that combines RESISTANCE TRAINING, CARDIO, and MEAL PLANNING with YOGA, MEDITATION, AFFIRMATIONS, JOURNAL WORK, INTUITIVE EATING, and GROUP DISCUSSIONS!!


Weight Training


Learn to quit viewing your workout as a chore and start treating exercise as a part of your daily self care routine.

Learn how weight training isn’t just about sculpting muscle, its about creating balance with-in the hormones of your body!

Also learn how to incorporate cardio throughout your weight training sessions so you don’t waste hours a week on the elliptical!!

Start with a Basic 12-Week Program to build up fundamentals, then explore new and exciting 4-Week Programs to explore what style of training works and feels best to you!




While we operate out of our conscious mind, our sub-conscious mind is actual the one responsible for most of our daily habits!

The sub-conscious mind is often cluttered with negative beliefs that affect our ability to set and achieve our health and fitness goals!

Learn to re-program the sub-conscious mind with POSITIVE AFFIRMATIONS to help eliminate negative and limiting beliefs systems!




Imagine a life where you can eat WHATEVER you want. Now imagine a life where what you want to eat is the food your body needs to maintain a healthy lean physique!

Sounds too good to be true, right?

Well, my friend, it is NOT too good to be true! Let me introduce you to the wonderful world of INTUITIVE EATING!

Learn how to detach from food attachments, both physical and emotional, and work your way toward becoming an intuitive eater!

We begin this journey through ramping up into a structured DETOX menu plan (seems like the opposite of intuitive eating, but we have to detach from food addictions through structure! Don’t worry, we wont be here for too long!)...

In this program, I teach you how to build your menu plan and give you access to tons of yummy and healthy recipes to fill it in!

When you are ready, I will guide you through slowly transitioning off of your menu plan and working your way toward adopting an INTUITIVE EATING LIFESTYLE!




People often think you have to choose one or the other; WEIGHT TRAINING, or YOGA.

I am here to tell you that I think the ULTIMATE COMBINATION in resistance training is utilizing BOTH!!

Yoga is the perfect balance of resistance (through holding poses against gravity) and stretching!

Learn to develop better length tension relationships in your muscle groups and develop a better mind-body connection through a regular yoga practice!




Our thoughts affect our emotions, and our emotions affect our ability to set and achieve our health and fitness goals.

Learn how meditation can be THE BEST TOOL to help you on your health and fitness journey as you learn to manage your emotions through learning to quiet the mind.

This program gives you a taste of different methods of guided meditation so you can figure out which method works best for you, and hopefully inspires you to adopt a daily meditation practice!


Journal Work


Journal work, or journal therapy, also known as writing therapy, is exactly what it sounds like.

Journal therapy is the use of journal writing for therapeutic benefit!

Follow weekly journal work prompts to help you release negative emotions associated with painful memories and help you write new positive beliefs!

Learn how the journal helps increase your brains processing power so you can moved forward toward your health and fitness with less road blocks!




“If you always do what you have always done, you will always get what you have always got.”


Photography by:

Becky Green Photography